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June 18th 2019, 6–9pm, Energi 815 Broadway:

why sleep is everything 

Sleeping well is one of the most important things you can do for your health, but many of us are struggling to get those precious 8 hours per night. At the next Balance & Beyond event we will dwell into why sleep is so key for your wellbeing and brain health and what you can do to sleep better naturally. We will also have the chance to try some great sleep aid products and treatments in our Bedtime marketplace. 

Dr. Ellen Vora, Holistic Psychiatrist and Sleep Expert
Heidi Kristoffer, CrossFlowX creator and Yoga Expert
Caitlin Collins, Founding Team Member and Head of Marketing for NIGHT, Freelance Writer, Sleep Enthusiast
Dr. Paulvin on behalf of Endoca CBD 
Jeff HornsteinEight Sleep
Moderated by Dr Rachel Goldman

Meditation and Yoga Breathing to Fall Asleep Faster led by Heidi Kristoffer

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